Daily Prompt: Un/Faithful

Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.

I am part of the ‘unfaithful’ – I cannot comprehend the belief in the existence of a god or gods.

However I am aware that my values and principles have been shaped by the work done by religion over the last couple of millenia (in the case of Christianity).  Whether we like it or not religion is all around us – down to the calendar, the law and most of the rules we live by.

My parents were not religious but one of their mottos when I was growing up, was “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you“.  It was never connected with the bible or religion in our family but that obviously is where it came from. This is one of the values I hold dear in my life.  There were other examples like this which is why I say that although faith does not directly play a role in my life it does so indirectly.

Faith also played what I believe was a very important role in shaping the person I am today but in an upside down kind of way.  When I was 5 my parents moved to a small village where everyone went to church and all kids went to Sunday school.  So that we wouldn’t stand out they sent me, the eldest child, to Sunday school too.

One day, soon after, I came home from class and told my mother I was being taught about sinning and asked her what it meant to be a drunk. My mother, being the type that protected us from anything ugly until we were old enough to be told, was appalled by this and promptly removed me from Sunday school.  Protecting her chicks was much more important than being accepted!

How did this affect me?  I was never intimidated by the ‘consequences’ of not following religion and I understood that I had to think about the world for myself and make my own choices.  I also have always understood through my upbringing that you can be a good and caring person, without worshiping or going to church.

Is it a dream or fantasy?

This is the time of year when many people take a balance of their life, start setting goals and making resolutions for the next year.  Do most of us set realistic and achievable goals and expectations?  Or do we often set ourselves up for failure?

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago as I realized that mostly they were wishes rather than things I was fully committed to and disciplined enough to achieve.

But this takes me to a debate I often have in my head when thinking about what I would like to be doing in a few years from now.  When I start getting carried away I ask myself – am I dreaming of fantasizing? What is the difference?

For me fantasy is something I imagine myself doing but I don’t believe I can achieve no matter how hard I would work for it.

A dream is something that I can turn into reality. Something that may seem difficult or almost impossible to achieve but that I believe I can make happen through determination and hard work. 

Regardless of the outcome I will never stop dreaming or fantasizing because without these life would have no sparkle! 

Gimme – a baby doll

I remember that for a long while I really wanted  a doll with a soft body, that could eat and drink and generally look like a real baby.  The thing was they were not common then and even if they were available, they were probably too expensive, so I never got one.

I wasn’t going to be easily put off the idea however, so I ‘opened’ the mouth of an existing doll and ‘fed’ her that way.  Needless to say that the doll started to smell quite badly after a few ‘meals’ as what was going in was not coming out.  I had to make another opening in the doll to make sure it was clean but that was never very successful. Nevertheless my sisters and I had great fun for a while doing this with a few of our dolls.

I was already in my late teens when these baby dolls finally became widely available and I remember feeling quite sad for myself then for not having had one.

I had not thought about this for a long, long time, but it suddenly popped into my mind as read about the Daily Prompt: Gimme and it made me smile.