The opening of the Christmas presents

One of the children (10 year old) wanted to follow tradition and not open the presents until midnight.  He had no support from anyone else, especially his younger siblings who couldn’t wait to get theirs.

Opening Christmas presents in this family is often chaotic, with a whole gamut of emotions usually experienced in the few minutes of gift distribution and opening.  Last night was no exception – these were some of the reactions noted:

– 6 year old looking affronted when he saw a sweater made by his aunt and thereafter ignoring every gift he knew to be clothing

– 10 year old getting in a tantrum when his name was not being called out as many times as his siblings’ during the gift distribution

– uncle having a fit of laughter after receiving “The Little Book of Big Breasts” from his teen nephews and nieces

– grandmother crying after opening large portrait of her and late husband painted by granddaughter

All in all a typical Christmas Eve for my family!


2 thoughts on “The opening of the Christmas presents

  1. This sounds like Christmas at my house about 10 years ago when I was 9 myself, feeling upset because my little sister got twice as many gifts. Back when quantity was more important than quality, because you didn’t realize how expensive each of the gifts were. Love the idea of that painting her granddaughter made her.

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