Gimme – a baby doll

I remember that for a long while I really wanted  a doll with a soft body, that could eat and drink and generally look like a real baby.  The thing was they were not common then and even if they were available, they were probably too expensive, so I never got one.

I wasn’t going to be easily put off the idea however, so I ‘opened’ the mouth of an existing doll and ‘fed’ her that way.  Needless to say that the doll started to smell quite badly after a few ‘meals’ as what was going in was not coming out.  I had to make another opening in the doll to make sure it was clean but that was never very successful. Nevertheless my sisters and I had great fun for a while doing this with a few of our dolls.

I was already in my late teens when these baby dolls finally became widely available and I remember feeling quite sad for myself then for not having had one.

I had not thought about this for a long, long time, but it suddenly popped into my mind as read about the Daily Prompt: Gimme and it made me smile.

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