Is it a dream or fantasy?

This is the time of year when many people take a balance of their life, start setting goals and making resolutions for the next year.  Do most of us set realistic and achievable goals and expectations?  Or do we often set ourselves up for failure?

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago as I realized that mostly they were wishes rather than things I was fully committed to and disciplined enough to achieve.

But this takes me to a debate I often have in my head when thinking about what I would like to be doing in a few years from now.  When I start getting carried away I ask myself – am I dreaming of fantasizing? What is the difference?

For me fantasy is something I imagine myself doing but I don’t believe I can achieve no matter how hard I would work for it.

A dream is something that I can turn into reality. Something that may seem difficult or almost impossible to achieve but that I believe I can make happen through determination and hard work. 

Regardless of the outcome I will never stop dreaming or fantasizing because without these life would have no sparkle! 


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