The dictionary definition of extraordinary is beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established and its synonyms are uncommon, unusual, singular, remarkable, exceptional.

I am classifying two experiences I had this week as extraordinary.

The first one happened a few days ago.  As I was just about to fall asleep, a random sentence popped clearly into my head. It had nothing do to with anything I had done or seen during the day.  It was just there and it sounded like the start of a story.

I have read that writers sometimes get ideas for stories this way but I am not a story writer and this had never happened before.  Anyway, as I was still taking this in, another sentence followed.  The words were so vivid that I had to sit up, and start writing (I had a notebook on the bedside table).

I wrote nearly two pages of words that were just pouring out of my head. I stopped when the flow stopped and I know there was no ‘ending’. I have not yet read what I wrote, I have no idea how it sounds like, what fascinates me is what happened. I felt that I just had to write and this was a really remarkable new experience.


The second extraordinary feeling happened yesterday.

I participated in a full day meditation workshop where we were shown various meditation techniques, told about different ways of dealing with the stresses of life, what is the ultimate purpose of meditation and so on.  A lot of interesting things were shared during the day and one of the most insightful for me was the idea that “there is nothing new, there is nothing we can think that hasn’t already been thought by someone else”.  That, combined with the thought “we are all connected, we are all one”, was possibly the cause of yesterday’s extraordinary experience.

The last meditation session of the day started with 15 minutes of the breathing technique ‘hong sau’ (hearing the sound hong on breathing in and sau on breathing out) to be followed by 5 minutes of meditation. As I focused hard on the breathing technique, to my surprise I had none of my usual distracting thoughts.

However eventually thoughts and images did come into my mind, only they were of of nothing I knew!  I had the most peculiar feeling that someone else’s thoughts were in my head! And this feeling was so overwhelming that I couldn’t ignore it. I visualized a massive black, shiny, flat surface across which everyone’s thoughts glided and I could see how I could get another person’s thought ‘glide’ into my head.

I still couldn’t let go  – this is the stuff science fiction is made of! I started thinking of universal connections and how amazing it would it be if it was possible to share thoughts and experiences directly from brain to brain. Then I remembered that there are actually scientists working on these connections and I felt I understood their vision.

Of course, you’re not supposed to be doing all this thinking when you are meditating and I think the guy running the workshop didn’t quite know what to say when I told him about feeling that  I had someone else’s thoughts.  What I do know is that this will probably be the one thing I will not forget about the workshop.

I don’t know what all this means and what interest it may have to anyone else but right now I just want to record these experiences.  And who knows maybe someone will read this and relate to them too.


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