A small dose of kindness

Early this morning as I seat in my doctor’s waiting room, I notice a couple sitting a few seats away from me.  They are both elderly and at first I assume they are a couple but, when I observe and hear them more closely, I think the woman must be a relative or carer accompanying the man.

The man is very elderly, possibly in his eighties and comments quite loudly about random topics, mostly about the people walking in or the staff in the clinic.

“They all look cold.” He says about people coming in.  She replies “Yes, it is cold.”

He says things like “She must be a doctor”, “I don’t know what time the nurses start” and so on.

A woman rushes in and goes to the screen next to the reception, to tap in her details.

The man says: “She’s late”.  The woman glances over in his direction with a quick smile.  She then sits down, waiting to be called.

After a short while he says: “The way she rushed in I thought she was tight for time”. Then he asks his companion if she heard him.  She says “Yes, I heard you”.

The man says: “No, do you think did she heard me?”

The woman looks at him with kindness in her eyes and says: “No she did not hear you”.


6 thoughts on “A small dose of kindness

  1. I feel for the old man. I think some people his behave in such a manner too. They are either erratic in their talking or switch off at vital moments.

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