Travel theme: Roads

This week’s travel theme from Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? is Roads.

I have played again with the Roman theme, this time connecting a Roman Road in Portugal with the modern Roman road (as in from Rome) that leads to the Colosseum.

Roman road, Central Portugal

Roman road, Central Portugal

Another Roman road, Rome

Another Roman road, Rome

At one point the Roman Empire covered most of Western Europe as well as the areas in Africa, Middle East and Asia that surround the Mediterranean. Below are the locations of the two roads pictured.stepmap-karte-roman-roads-1255718-2

15 thoughts on “Travel theme: Roads

  1. Hey Lena, thanks for your kind wishes. If I may ask, are those things stones in the first pic? They look so beautifully placed…like a god had done it himself.

    • They are stones indeed. It’s hard to believe that this road has been there for around two thousand years! Although not gods those Romans did create some amazing stuff 🙂

      • 2,000 years? My goodness! And you mean to tell me that it has been that way ever since? That’s remarkable. I doubt I’d see any around here–the quest for new housing estates around here is like an epidemic.

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