I like to think that as I am getting older I am also becoming more patient and tolerant.    Most days I am lulled into a sense of being a calm and collected person… but occasionally I come across some trivial thing that makes me lose my cool. Among them are:

1. Arrogant Customer Service – my most frustrating experience of this is with my mobile phone provider but there have been similar experiences with other companies.  Their brand of ‘customer service’ seems to assume all customers are stupid and that the only way to deal with us is by patronising us at every opportunity.  For good measure this must be done with an arrogant tone of voice.

2. Uninformed Customer Service – When going to a store to check a item I want to buy, being approached by a Sales assistant that, without waiting for me to ask anything starts their sales pitch.  Then when asked questions, they have to go online to find information that I already know. Or worse still, they don’t bother to check and provide misleading information.

3. Pushy Sales at the till – Going to a cafe just to buy a sandwich or cake and being asked if I want coffee with it.  Conversely just wanting a coffee and being asked if I want anything to eat. I always want to reply that if I wanted anything to drink/eat I would know and would ask for it. However I refrain myself from doing that as they are just doing what they are told to do.

4. Real Estate interpretation of space – the general hyperbole regarding the size of rooms cannot get much worse than when a room is described as as double bedroom when all that can fit in is the bed itself!

5. The VIP concept – I am not even talking about the worship of so called celebrities. Just the term – Very Important Person – and the idea that some people are considered to be worth so much more than others that there is even an an acronym for them! Where this bothers me most is the in work environment –  how does climbing the corporate ladder make someone so important?

These are some of the minor things of daily life that can suddenly change this easy going woman into a very irritated one.

Do you get frustrated with any of these things?  Or is there something else that gets you?


6 thoughts on “Bugbears

  1. I fully agree with your observations! Another bugbear is walking into a shop and being looked up and own and judged before even being able to say anything!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. There have been times when Ive turned around and walked out of a store because I cant deal with the sales person. If I’m in a bad enough mood I’ll let them know it too. Generally I try and avoid places where the workers get commission, but even that doesnt always help!

  3. Lol. I can so relate to this. I don’t know about other countries, but I get marketing text messages on my cellphone, selling everything from personal loans to home fumigation. It really bothers me because my cell number is a private thing – half of my relatives don’t have it, and here we have freaks sending bulk sms to people who know where to go when they need those goods or services. Every time I block the senders, I start getting them from new numbers.

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