Roman Cats

A few years ago I saw a TV program about a cat sanctuary in one of the Roman ruins of Rome. My past experience with Roman ruins is as off limits spaces so I was fascinated to see a site being used for this purpose.

When I had the chance to spend a couple of days sightseeing in the city, this was one of the must see places for me.  I found out that the sanctuary is located in the Largo di Torre Argentina so on our way from the Colosseum to the Pantheon we made a detour to see it.

This square is pretty amazing with beautiful buildings all around and the ancient ruins in the centre.  At first I could not see any cats and started wondering if the shelter had closed but as we focused our look on the ruins we started seeing cat after cat – it was a bit like playing ‘where’s Wally’ 🙂

Most of the cats were just dozing in the winter sun and blended discreetly into the background which, besides making spotting them difficult,  did not help with getting some good shots of them.  Here is a selection of what I did manage to capture.

The Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary website has the history and other information about the sanctuary and the resident cats.


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