Friday Fictioners: Do you remember?

–      Oh my god, look at these oil lamps! Do you remember when we used to spend the summer holidays with grandma and these were the sole source of lighting in the evenings?  That was only 30 odd years ago but they still had no electricity then!

–      Well, that was only because they built the house in the middle of nowhere.

–      I know, but the point is that it wasn’t that long ago!  Looking at these now really brings back memories of the happy days we spent here.

–      Come on, let’s finish clearing the house, who knows what other treasures we’ll find.

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I have found recently that I actually enjoy writing short pieces from prompts. No literary ambition here, just opening my mind and going with whatever comes up.

Friday Fictioneers is a challenge to write a one hundred word story from a photo prompt. This is run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and anyone can participate.

Check out the link to see what others have done with this week’s prompt.


17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioners: Do you remember?

  1. Hello Lena. I admit that your offerings for these prompts are so engaging. I love this one–dialogue sort of narrative. Lamps are still used today. I think they will be hard to replace.

    One confession: I’m not good at prompt 😀

    • You’re too kind as always Uzo. I haven’t actually seen this type of lamp in a long time – I felt kind of nostalgic when I saw that image.
      I am sure you could write something amazing from a prompt but with your creativity you don’t need them 😉

  2. A touching story… I like how you blend their fond memories of spending time in the house 30-odd years ago with now spending time in the house going through it, with grandma possibly passed away or moved to an assisted living place.

  3. Your story brings to mind some good memories and also makes me wonder what our children will find when they go through our things, what will bring memories alive to them.


  4. My wife collects/sells antiques. These lamps are handy to have around when the power goes out. I bet they find other treasures in Grandma’s house too.

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