Travel theme: Smoke and Mirrors

This is my response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge for this week.

I knew I had mirrors in my photo archives but was stumped for images of smoke until I found these from the Budapest Red Bull Air Race taken a few years ago.

Red Bull Air Race World Championships took place in several cities across the world.  This is one of the most exhilarating sports to watch but it seems the races have not taken place for a couple of years.  For those who are not familiar with the competition here’s a link to the official website.



10 thoughts on “Travel theme: Smoke and Mirrors

  1. Hello Lena. You have a knack for good photography. I love the stillness of water that held the reflection of those houses. And the flight of those planes is simply breathtaking! Looking through that curved entrance gives me a sense of entering into someplace nice. Where is it? The b&w pic is a smart move to capture the facing building–it has quite a majestic dome! I think I must get a camera. You inspire me.

    • Thank you Uzo. The curved ‘entrance’ is in fact a mirror in a Barcelona cafe, reflecting the counter. Every time I look at this image, I also see it as a room on the other side of an entrance rather than the reflection that it is 🙂
      It makes me happy to think that I might inspire someone! I would definitely recommend that you get a camera, it makes you see things differently (more?) when you walk around with one in your hand.

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