Skinny or Regular?

I love listening to other people’s conversations (I’m bad, I know).

This morning as I was waiting to be served at the coffee bar in my office building, I overhead an amusing conversation.


The young woman in front of me asked the barrista for a cappuccino, to which he replied:

‘Do you only have skinny when you are with your friend?’

‘I change my mind sometimes. When we order together it’s easier just to ask for the same thing’, she replied.

‘If you want I’ll do the normal one when you come’, he said, implying that in future when she is with her friend and both ask for the skinny cappuccino he could give her the regular one.

‘No, that’s OK. It’s probably better for me in the long run…’

I couldn’t help smiling.


3 thoughts on “Skinny or Regular?

  1. I always get so self conscious when I order with a friend! I know that’s so strange, because I would never look at a friend and be all like ‘ew’ or ‘bit greedy’, and they would never think that of me (I hope)…but something inside of me always thinks they or the barista is gonna think I’m being hugely gluttonous if I order a muffin or something!
    It’s one of those weird things I have. Although I am working on it. I managed to get a brownie the other day 😀

    • It is a shame that food has become another source of stress in people’s lives.
      Thanks for sharing your own feelings on this Rebecca. I hope you enjoyed your brownie, guilt free 😉

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