Little pleasures – part 2

Sunday morning, after a restful night, I woke up about 5:30 and went out with camera in hand.   I was in for a wonderful treat as the sun was still slowly rising in the horizon.

I took a lot of photos as each way I looked, there was a different shade of orange or blue, a different cloud formation or just a different aspect of the scenery that looked stunning.  I have already published two posts with several of those snapshots over on my photo blog, so I’ll refrain from adding any more here.

After a hearty breakfast we drove off late morning, to go and see the main reason for the weekend trip.  It  was a post from The World according to Dina, which I read a few weeks ago, that triggered the whole idea of going to Norfolk.  And the reason? The seals at Blakeney Point!

The feeling of seeing the seals in their natural habitat, despite the few boats circling around, was as amazing as I had imagined it would be!

The Blakeney National Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife and the former Lifeguard Station is now a Visitor Centre.

The Visitor Centre

I loved the house boat moored in the bay too!


The sunrise and the seals made this a very special weekend for me.

Now I am already thinking about where to go next…

4 thoughts on “Little pleasures – part 2

  1. These are beautiful pleasures indeed. Love the seals and thanks for sharing these lovely shots! 🙂

  2. I especially love the house boat! Did you get the chance to get on board? The seagulls are really a peaceful lot. Thanks for sharing and what blessed way to start one’s day.

      • I knew you meant that, no worries. I didn’t go on board of the house boat, we just passed it when we were on the way to see the seals but I think it looks great too. Altogether, between the sea, the sunrise and the seals it was a wonderful day. Thanks for coming by.

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