She believed his love was true

Only when he saw red

She turned black and blue

Now purple and yellow flowers

Grow over the little grave

A white stone for a ‘beloved daughter’


The Trifextra challenges seem to bring out my dark side…

For Trifextra Week Seventy Eight you are asked to write a thirty-three word piece that has a color in it. Use the color to describe anything you like, or use anything you like to describe your color, but keep it creative and keep it short.

I would fly like time

I cannot fly.  If I could, I would fly like time.

I would spread my wings and swiftly arrive in a far away land.

Far away from timelines and social conventions.  Far away from expectations and demands.

I would land in my own paradise, cocooned in the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the sea.

I would sit quietly and sip cool milk from coconuts.

I would listen to the gentle sounds of nature wash away the clamour in my head.



The word for Trifecta: Week Eighty Five challenge is the third definition of the verb FLY.

3a : to move, pass, or spread quickly
b : to be moved with sudden extreme emotion
c : to seem to pass quickly

– See more at: http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/#sthash.rzh8vvto.dpuf